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Highly effective 3 minute, 45 second video of unsolicited testimonial to the benefits of the Highway Help Sign. Interview from a local news broadcast in Eastern Canada, crediting the Highway Help Sign with playing a major role in saving a life.

Some comments from the video regarding the use of the Highway Help Sign:

  • "The Sign deserves most of the credit."
  • "It was like winning the lottery."
  • "As soon as people saw that sign they stopped and phoned for assistance and the man was then taken to the hospital."

The Sign positively speaks for itself through this video as an exceptional, essential highway safety tool.

Copy of the video for promotional purposes is available for $20.00 U.S. + freight.

Please contact Bob Reich, Program Director, at 519-896-3190; fax 519-392-7303, email for inquiries regarding this video.

Workplace Testimonials

Our aim is to promote safety awareness both on and off the job, and we extend this to employees' families. Providing "Call Police" Highway Help Signs to all Canadian 3Mers helped raise that awareness and created many positive results. We are pleased to support this very worthwhile initiative."

~ John Howse, Manager Loss Prevention,
3M Canada Ltd.

"As the originator of the programme and the person responsible for obtaining and distribution of these gifts, I can say, the 'call police' sign, together with a couple of flares, with training on how to use them, have been among the best received gifts by our employees. During the distribution of this particular gift there was nothing but praise for the company on gifts such as this."

~ J. Steer, Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator, Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Canada Inc.

"As the person who coordinated the program at our company, I must let you know that the response we received to the program was excellent and entirely positive. The employees were extremely pleased to receive the Highway Help sign packages. The support your organization provided, helped make this program a safety and employee relations success with both our salary and wage employees."

~ Jeffery M. Hilborn, Human Resources Officer,
La-Z-Boy Canada Limited

"Without this police initiative, we very much doubt that such a significant number of our students would have benefited from what we consider to be one of the most effective crime prevention programs in support of personal safety of members of the general public that we have encountered. Judging from the positive feedback we've been receiving, a significant contribution has been made to the safety of our students both on and off campus. We have also benefited from the goodwill generated by the initiative, which has encouraged students to work with the Department to enhance their own safety and that of the University community."

~ Pam MacDonald, Executive Director, Safety, Security & Parking Services, York University

Personal Testiomonials

"..I blew a tire. I panicked...Here I am stranded (every female's nightmare) traveling by myself, unable to change a tire, its freezing cold, I don't have a car phone, and who in today's world would stop on the 401 to help someone? I thought of my Highway Help Sign and by following the directions attached it to my car window. To my amazement within ten minutes an O.P.P. officer stopped to make sure I was okay and everything was under control. Within only half an hour helped arrived and I was on my way to get my son! All I can say is that your Highway Help Program is worth its weight in gold. Everyone only needs to picture themselves stranded once to agree with me."

~ Elizabeth Uhrig

"my Highway Help Sign is worth more than its weight in gold...""..the water pump on my car suddenly quit functioning and therefore caused the engine to overheat...I decided the only way in which I was going to obtain assistance was to display my Highway Help Sign. To my amazement, within five minutes of displaying my Highway Help Sign, an Ontario Provincial Police officer ascended on our location followed by an area tow operator. The happy ending to this story was that my car was repaired and we were able to conclude our journey. I am still amazed at the speed at which assistance arrived. I can assure you that my Highway Help Sign is worth more than its weight in gold and I shall never travel without this sign."

~ Bill Seymour

"I passed a young girl in a fairly new car with the "POLICE" sign out. I immediately called *677 on my phone...As I began to give the location , the woman said, "Not to worry, we've had many calls about the young lady. A car has been dispatched and should arrive any minute." I had never heard a more comforting response in my life...That could have been me easily. It made me think what if my phone was dead and a thousand other "What If's." I was amazed at the response that little piece of plastic brought. It felt good to know that people do care. I made sure that vital sign was added to my safety precautions and I would recommend it to any drivers I know."

~ Dawn Johnston

"As a female driver who often travels alone, I have often been concerned with my own safety and have wondered what would be the most secure way to handle a highway mishap... I was given one of these signs and was impressed with the idea that it would allow me to remain within the safety of my own car, while still being able to signal for help. I believe this new sign will prove to be very effective and am especially appreciative of those who have and continue to develop new ideas to ensure highway safety for all drivers."

~ Angela Brouwer

"I have already put one of your great signs in each of our family's 3 vehicles and given several away...Thanks so much for the wonderful program. I too travel alone often and feel safer with this sign than with any of my previous paper window signs."

~ Carol Lee Hubert

"We purchased one of your new 'Highway Help Signs' and as it turned out it was indeed a blessing... We hit a patch of black ice and we had a flat tire. We followed your instructions and we put the sign on the window and shortly after a pick-up driver stopped, he telephoned the AAA and we received help, all of this in a very short time. Then again in the Carolina's we were forced off the road into a gully by a 16 wheeler. We once again hung our sign, this time on my husband's arm, and a rescue truck stopped and phoned a tow truck and stayed with us until it came... we are grateful for your wonderful program, we are in Texas now and have had many questions about our sign."

~ Rena Miriguay

"...I ran out of gas. I was stranded on the highway shoulder, with my two little boys just east of Ganaoque with no cellular phone, and no gas can... I had a Highway Help Sign given to me from my automobile dealership Bill Nurse Chevrolet in Whitby. I put it on my drivers side window as instructed. After a while, a family did stop to give me aid... they said that they would get some gas and bring it back to me. A few moments later, an Ontario Provincial Police vehicle approached me. The officer said that the 911 operators had received 4 phone calls from people driving by me in the last fifteen minutes, I couldn't believe it. The Police Officer said he would return in twenty minutes to see if the family who went for gas did indeed return... after a short time the Constable returned with a can of gas for me that he was given from the family, and to not put them out to much he said he would bring me the gas. I put the gas in my vehicle, thanked the officer and went on my way. I got to see how many kind people there are who are willing to help when you need it and I also got the chance to prove how effective my Highway Help Sign is. I know that without it I could never have attracted the attention necessary to get the help I needed."

~ Katie Wood