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Visibility You Can Trust


The Highway Help Sign is the best "Call Police" sign on the market today. "This sign is very easy to see, more so than the "Call Police" signs that get propped or taped inside the window, which are difficult to see through tinted windows, in snow and rain and especially at night," explains Chief Larry Gravill, past President, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

Be Prepared for Roadside Emergencies with the Hook-On Reflective Highway Help Sign!

What makes the Highway Help Call Police Sign Unique?
  • This sign is made from durable, rigid plastic
  • It hooks on the window and protrudes outside the vehicle towards traffic
  • It can be seen by passing motorists from both directions
  • It can be seen at night due to 3M ScotchliteTM Reflective Sheeting
  • This sign can be seen in rain, snow and with tinted windows

Due to its superior design, your need for help will be safely and clearly communicated to others day or night and in all weather conditions!

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Introducing the New Fully Reflective Highway Help Sign!


The Highway Help Sign is now fully reflective in nature. The sign's surface is completely covered with 3M ScotchliteTM, the official reflective sheeting of the program. It appears similar to a stop sign and can be easily seen at night, from extremely far distances, and is visible in severe weather conditions. Therefore, conditions do not have to be ideal for this sign to work.

Official Reflective Sheeting of the Highway Help Program

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How the Highway Help Program Works


The Highway Help Program provides drivers with a safe means to give and receive assistance.

If You Become Stranded...

  1. Pull your vehicle completely off the road and lock your doors
  2. Turn on your emergency flashers
  3. Hook your Highway Help Sign on the outside of the window and roll up
  4. REMAIN IN THE VEHICLE until police assistance arrives

Helping Others...


The Highway Help Program is changing the way for motorists to help others. It provides motorists with a new way to be a Good Samaritan.

...changing the way for motorists to help others...When you see a Highway Help Sign in use, please do not stop and approach the stranded vehicle. Instead safely call the Police with the location and description of the vehicle. They will send assistance. Note: Consult your local Police Service or cellular provider for the cellular toll-free police numbers in your area.