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If I have a cellular phone, do I also need a Highway Help Sign?


Cellular phones serve as a great communication tool for motorists. However, we do encourage all motorists to keep this sign on hand, for it is wise to have a back up means of communications in the event that your cellular phone may not work for you during a time of need. For example, the battery may be drained, you may become stranded in a non-reception area, your phone may not work when the car battery is dead, or you may have simply forgotten your phone at home or work. Therefore, it is wise (and inexpensive) to have another means of communication should you need it.

When should a Highway Help Sign be used?


Motorists are to use their Highway Help Sign whenever they find themselves stranded in an unsafe or uncomfortable location. It is much safer for you to stay in your vehicle and wait for help to arrive than flag down a stranger or start walking on the shoulder of a busy highway while cars speed by just a few feet away. Roadside emergencies can take many forms including vehicle breakdown, flat tire, medical emergencies, running out of gas, etc. By using a Highway Help Sign you can be assured that your need for help will be seen by others.

Won't the police be annoyed if I bother them with this?


Police officers support the Highway Help Program as a way to provide superior service to motorists. "This assistance from motorists is what we need for our highways. We encourage stranded motorists to use the sign to summon help and for motorists to call the police when they see a sign in use. Doing so can enhance our policing efforts by allowing officers to provide assistance more promptly," states Commissioner Gwen Boniface, Ontario Provincial Police. Chief Larry Gravill, Past President, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police adds, "The Highway Help Program will ensure that stranded motorists will get the help they need from the professionals best equipped to lend assistance."

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I don't want to attract attention to myself by using this hook-on Highway Help Sign!


What else are you going to do? The fact is you need help, and you have already drawn attention to yourself by the fact that you are stopped on the side of the road. Anyone wishing to harm you already knows that you are in jeopardy. So, instead of trying to ignore the problem, take a proactive approach and help yourself. Use a Highway Help Sign, to communicate your need for help and receive help more promptly.

The unfortunate realities of today make such an invaluable crime prevention tool a necessity. Unfortunately, there are predators traveling on our nations roadways who view stranded motorists as an opportunity for them to benefit from their criminal inclinations. The superior visibility of the Highway Help Sign serves as a deterrent to these criminals by initiating these questions: Have the Police been called and Where are they? D/Sgt. Alex Williamson, Provincial Crime Stoppers Coordinator.

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Where do the funds from the signs go?

The Highway Help Program is a non-profit national police initiative. It is not a fund raising activity for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. All proceeds from selling Highway Help Signs are used to pay sign production costs, police training and educational materials costs and administrative expenses. We would be pleased to discuss any further questions you have regarding the financial aspects of the program.

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Some paper "Call Police" signs do not cost any money. Why should I pay to have a Highway Help Sign?


While these interior distress flags are the 1st generation of a great idea, the new and improved external hook-on Highway Help "Call Police" Sign takes driver safety to the next level. This sign is reflective, and eliminates the problems posed by snow, rain, fog, darkness and tinted windows. It is also visible from both directions. Overall, conditions do not have to be ideal for the Highway Help Sign to deliver maximum benefits to users. Stranded motorists can truly feel secure knowing that their need for help is not going unnoticed. The Highway Help Sign is by far the most effective "Call Police" available to motorists today.

Do men need a Highway Help Sign?


The Highway Help Sign is not a male or female thing - it is a vehicle thing. In other words, female members of the family, who may often be driving the vehicle alone, also use most family vehicles. The goal of the program is to get a Highway Help Sign into every vehicle, regardless of who initially receives the sign. Secondly, while many males would rather attempt to get help on their own, there are a couple of questions that still remain: What would his family do while he is off getting help? Are his wife and children expected to sit alone and frightened in the car, all the time hoping that he returns safely? The smarter option is to keep the family together, stay in the vehicle and signal help with a Highway Help Sign.

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People in our area still stop and help stranded motorists


It is great to have the hometown attitude that people in your area stop to help strangers. However to stop, you must first know that help is needed. Without a clear signal that help is needed, it may simply appear as though the person is having a sleep, eating lunch, reading a map, etc. Also, this may be the norm in your community, but what about if you are traveling away from home? People may not be as apt to stop and help you. Therefore, the Highway Help Sign allows you to clearly communicate to them that you need help and what they can do to assist you in a safe and effective manner.