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Give the Gift of Safety to your family, employees, and clients, etc.

Individual Purchases
See List below for contacts in your Region or contact Highway Help Program

Director Bob Reich

Ph: (519)392-6468 or
1-888-466-5486 or
Fax: (519)392-7303 or


contact Crime Stoppers using the address below.

Bulk Quantity Purchases

The Highway Help Program invites businesses and industry to partner with Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police by purchasing  Highway Help Signs to give their employees, clients, etc thereby joining the 100's of companies already involved in the Highway Help Program.

Minimum Order:
Retail: 10 or more signs. See Crime Stoppers below
Bulk Orders: 100 or more (multiples of 100)

Please contact one of the following organizations:


52 Wilkins Dr,
Kitchener, ON N2E 1L2

Ph: (519)579-2367 or
Fax: (519)578-9314 or


Fundraising/Distribution Opportunities  Available

For  organizations/associations who wish to sell Highway Help Signs to individuals or in bulk to commercial or industrial employers as distributors, you create a win/win/win opportunity by: Firstly, for your company, by being involved in the distribution of the Highway Help Sign; secondly, for the Police by receiving the location of a stranded motorist; and thirdly, for the motorist, by having the means to clearly communicate their need for help to a passing motorists.

Join the growing list of fund raisers and distributors currently involved in the Highway Help Program by contacting:

The Highway Help Program reserves the right to sell directly to 'Police Services' and 'Not for Profit Organizations'

For Program
General information 

Bob Reich
Program Director

Highway Help Program

Phone: (519) 392-6468
Fax: (519) 392-7303
Toll Free: 1-888-466-5486





Personalization Options for Highway Help Signs

Bulk quantities of Highway Help Signs can be purchased custom printed or non-printed.

Custom Printed Highway Help Sign:

(Note: Minimum Order of 1000 Signs)
A logo, name and personalized message can be printed on the Highway Help Sign in the following locations:


  • Customer may choose one, two or all of the locations for the same price.
  • Custom printing is done on one side of the sign only - on the side opposite the hook and is visible through the plastic bag.
  • Custom printing is offered in white OR black ink.
  • Word Count Suggestions:
    • 3/16" font size - approximately 55-60 characters
    • 5/16" font size - approximately 35-40 characters

Uses For Custom Personalized Highway Help Signs

Employee Giveaway Ideas

  • Plant Shutdown/Vacation Times
  • Safety Meetings
  • Recognize Employee/ Award
  • Christmas Party/Staff Picnics
  • Add to Larger Gift Item
  • Awareness Programs (Prepare for winter driving, etc.)

Customer Giveaway Ideas

  • Trade Show Giveaway
  • Sales Call Leave Behind
  • Create Goodwill, Thank Customers
  • Given Along With Purchase of Product or Service (i.e. car dealers or manufacturers, service centers, etc.)

Police Distribution Option

Customers may choose to give their customized signs to the Police to distribute directly to motorists on their behalf. Possible uses include: Give to motorists at R.I.D.E. checkpoints and 'Travelling Alone' seminars. The Highway Help Program can work with customers to ensure their signs are distributed according to their needs in the communities of their choice.

To purchase a gift of safety for employees and or clients, please contact one of the following distributors: