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The Realities of Driving

Be Prepared...

  • Keeping a Highway Help Sign in your car in case of mechanical or medical emergency, provides security and comfort while traveling.
  • The sign serves as a back-up for cellular phone owners who can experience unserviceable areas, dead batteries or forgotten phones.
  • Giving a Highway Help Sign to your family/friends/clients/employees, makes a wonderful gift to show your concern for their traveling safety.
  • All motorists have the potential to find themselves stranded
  • Due to increased concerns for personal safety, motorists are much less likely to stop and help a stranded stranger than in the past
  • Cellular phones may not always work
  • When stranded without a sign you may appear a vulnerable target to those with criminal intent
  • A displayed Highway Help Sign indicates 'help' maybe only a moment away
  • Many times it is not safe or practical to leave your vehicle (i.e. on major highways, at night, in the cold, with children in the vehicle)
  • For a motorist to assist another, they must first know that help is needed, then feel comfortable giving the required assistance

Be Prepared with a Highway Help Call Police Sign

The Highway Help Program provides a simple solution to these realities of driving. When stranded, you no longer need to leave your vehicle to seek help in often unsafe conditions. By simply hooking the Highway Help Sign onto the outside of your window, you are letting passing motorists know what they can do to help you. By calling the police, they are helping you in the most safe and efficient manner. Once that call is made, the police will be on their way to assist you. You will then get on your way safely!

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Community Partnership is the Answer

"More than ever, the police need and want the assistance of the community in their policing efforts," says Chief Larry Gravill, past President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. "The Highway Help Program can be compared to a 'Neighbourhood Watch' for the highway; for the strength of the program lies in establishing the partnership between police and motorists. It is exciting to see police groups join together to offer this effective program that now provides police support across Canada."

Police officers support the Highway Help Program as a way to provide superior service to motorists. "There is a need for this program no matter where you travel in Canada. All drivers can benefit from the Highway Help Sign and we encourage stranded motorists to use it to receive help. We also ask motorists to call the police when you see a sign in use, for it enhances our policing efforts by allowing officers to provide assistance more promptly," stated the late Assistant Commissioner Tom Egglestone, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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The Results Speak for Themselves!
As of October, 2000, over 200,000 vehicles are equipped with a Highway Help Sign and stranded motorists are getting the help they need. This support has been clearly demonstrated in Ontario where the police report receiving 15-20 calls on average every time a motorist uses a Highway Help Sign.


Thus the Highway Help Program enables stranded motorists and their passengers to receive police assistance safely and promptly, and without having to leave the security of their vehicle.