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Being stranded is a frightening and potentially dangerous situation...
Many motorists are NOT adequately prepared for roadside emergencies.

What would you do or want a loved one to do if they had a medical problem while driving or became stranded without a cell phone or in an unserviced cellular area?

Being stranded is a frightening and potentially dangerous situation

SOLUTION: The Highway Help Sign You must safely and clearly communicate your need for help to passing motorists. The exterior design and fully reflective 3M ScotchliteTM component of the sign make it the best "CALL POLICE" sign on the market today. It is clearly visible from both directions, day or night, and in most weather conditions. It sends a clear message to a passing motorist to call the police for assistance on your behalf, from the safety of their cars. "The sign also sends a message to anyone with criminal intent that the police may only be moments away", adds Sgt. Peggy Gamble, Ontario Provincial Police.

Many Motorists Overlook the Reality of Roadside Emergencies!

Commissioner Gwen Boniface"The Highway Help Program continues to be the most valuable tool to alert police to the needs of a stranded motorist. It has proven to reduce the danger and fears encountered by the public when traveling. It is our goal that drivers are educated on the use of the Highway Help Sign and that all vehicles are equipped with them."

Commissioner Gwen Boniface
President, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police


Earl Sweeney"The IACP Highway Safety Committee is pleased to lend our enthusiastic support to our brothers and sisters in the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police for the Highway Help program, a very simple, inexpensive yet powerful idea to increase the personal safety of motorists everywhere.

Earl Sweeney
Chairman, Highway Safety Committee,
International Association of Chiefs of Police